Find "Kopy the Cat" Online.

New Drawing!  Find "3 out of 4" Kopy the Cat images in our advertiser's ads and you'll be entered into our drawing.


You May use this entry form for Kopy the Cat drawing posted in the magazine.

There is also a mail-in form in our magazines.


To be eligable for this online drawing, you must enter Kopy the Cat images that are hiding in "Business & Coupon Showcase" ads or the ads in our magaines.


Find the businesses where Kopy the Cat is hiding and you could win;

Grand Prize of $100 in gift certificates to local businesses.                                                                                                       

Second Prize is a $25 gift certifcate to a local restaurant.

Third Prize is a $25 gift certificate to a local restaurant.



There will be three (4) Kopy the Cats placed at the bottom of 4 business ads in the Business & Coupon Showcase. All you need to find is 3 out of 4. When youfind them, fill out the entry form below, listing 3 businesses associated with Kopy the Cat.

At the end of the drawing we will pick 3 winners at random. Please check our site after the drawing ends to see if you're a winner. If you are, email us and confirm your name.

You may use this Entry form for the drawing online or in the magazine..


Where to look for Kopy; The three Kopy the Cat images will be found in the

"Business & Coupon Showcase" section of our website. Once you're at 

"Business & Coupon Showcase", page you'll see a list of categories on the

right hand side of your screen. Go through the categories, click on each

business category and go through each business, you'll find (1) Kopy the Cat

in 3 different business ads, they will be hidden at the bottom of the ad.

Kopy the Cat will be approximately the same size as the one shown on this page,

he won't be difficult to find. Kopy the Cat will be in a different hidding spot often,

so if you've already entered, find him again and re-enter. Good luck!


Three Winners will be drawn from the total number of entries.

Winner's names will be posted on our home page and in our magazine after the next magazine is mailed.


 *Must be 18 years old to enter. One entry per person per day. Kopy the Cat may change location often.

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List the names of the 3 businesses where"Kopy the Cat is hiding.

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Business 2
Business 3
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