Family Owned & Operated 



Your Hometown Quarterly magazine is published by Pagani Publishing. A family owned and operated business now in our 16th year of operation. Our direct mail magazine is a quality, full color publication delivered locally to 91,000 homes each quarter. Servicing mostly single family homes with approximate household income levels of $45,000 to $120,000 a year. We currently mail to North Central Connecticut and South Central Massachusetts. Together with our sister magazines, Better Living Quarterly in the West Springfield area and The Valley Quarterly in the Pioneer Valley of Massachusetts, we deliver regionally to an additional 72,000 quality homes each quarter.


Our plan for our magazines has always been to connect our readers with local merchants and the hometown values that they offer. Over the years we've learned from our readers, that they would also like to network with other local readers, whether it's to buy a used car from a neighbor or if you would like to find ideas to do for the weekend.



We've also found that many business owner's have spent hard earned money to build a website to gain more exposure. Most have been disappointed. to discover how expensive and difficult it can be to drive new customers to view their site or Facebook.. Our solution to this problem was to develop our new  website,, an online business and classified website. We link your website to our website then advertise to over million readers with our direct mail magazine. Whether you buy or sell goods or offer a service, or need an affordable vehicle to promote your business or website, this is the place. Your business or items for sale mailed into tens of thousands of quality homes within a short drive or click away!


When you place an ad for an item for sale or a business ad on our classified website, we want you to feel comfortable in knowing you're doing business in a secure and safe environment. We have earned the trust of many business owners and customers for more than 14 years and will never compromise or sell your personal information.


We are a local, family run publishing business who have very happy customers, many whom have been with us for nearly 16 years. Our magazines enjoy a very large readership throughout two states CT and MA. Our website reflects our hometown appeal. Save money close to home, or use our coupons and discounts during your daily travels to surrounding areas.


Times have changed. Newspapers have been in a steady decline of readership in the past decade and free websites have their own issues.

Because so many free classified sites invite the type of content that may not be desired by you or your family, we charge a minimal fee to deter scams or offensive content often associated with free classified advertising websites. A small price often deters the scams and other common problems.


As a small business, we appreicate you for supporting small businesses in your community and neighboring towns. Small businesses strengthen communities they are involved in by creating jobs, supporting local charities and civic organizations, or sponsoring sports teams for our children. Large companies may come and go but small business owners are the backbone of any community, please show them your support. Thank you.




Rick & Jean Pagani

Publisher, Your Hometown Quarterly Magazine